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Confidence comes standard with all Smartflow Fuel Pumping Equipment because as the leading experts, our fuel dispensers deliver proven reliability and profitability. Upgrading your fuel pump is a smart investment that pays off in the long run, so our automated fuel dispensers are designed to maximise that long-term investment.


Today, piping systems are more high-tech and automated than ever. With environmental regulations becoming more strict and energy and other utility costs rising, industries rely on automation to monitor and control their processes to ensure efficiency, safety and legal compliance. Smartflow offers Signet line of controllers, sensors and analytical instrumentation. in addition to the Signet instrumentation line, we offer a comprehensive line of actuated valves that complement the instrumentation and complete the entire system. Transmitters: Signet transmitters are ideal for more monitoring and controlling various measurements such as flow and pH. The transmitters are available with a display for local readout and can be directly connected to a PLC, metering pump or actuated valve for advanced monitoring and control. Actuated Valves: Whether for a simple on/off or a complicated throtting application, Smartflow has a comprehensive line of actuated valves that are designed to provide precise flow control. Smartflow can also provide customised solutions such as incorporating specialty actuators on to our valves. Manual Valves: Smartflow offers a complete line of manual valves including ball, butterfly, diaphram, globe and check valves. Available materials include PVC, CVPC, ABS, PVDF and PP Sensors: A wide range of measuring devices are available including low pH, conductivity, ORP, pressure, turbidity, chlorine and dissolved oxygen. In addition, fittings are available to place sensors in the optimal location within the piping system. PRV (Pressure Regulating Valves): Available as pressure reducing valves or pressure retaining valves, the wide array of available materials and configurations provide flexibility in choosing just the right valve. Rotameters: Rotameters are ideal for simple and accurate flow measuring. The offering is designed to be compatible with our piping systems matching materials and chemical resistance. The rotameters are offered in high purity version and can be configured to have electrical feedback.


Business Data Intelligence & Reporting The worth and benefit of installed automation equipment comes from getting improved data and intelligence from them. Following the above premise and in order to ensure that our clients get the best from their installed automation equipment such asAutomaticTank Gauges and Fuel Management Systems, we offer an add-on Business Data Intelligence service. Through this service, the performance and cost-saving abilities of automation equipment is increased by over 80%. This service which could be delivered as a recurring, timed or one-off service involves the delivery, individually or collectively, of the following activities. Data Analysis Reporting Monitoring and Regular Checks Investigations Ongoing Recommendations Consultation & Audit   In the bid to get projects and operations on the right course of effectiveness and efficiency, we offer Consultation and Audit services to organisations. The interesting about Smartflow’s Consultation and Audit services is that it can be offered at no cost or just for a minimal logistics fee; this will be based on the scale, scope and location of the required service. We presently offer Consultation and Audit services in the following areas; Fuelling Operations and Management Water Automation and Control Fleet Management Retail Station Construction, Upgrades, Operations and Management Industrial Level Control and Flow Measurement Irrespective of the area where we offer our Consultation and Audit Services, there are four activity sets that are to be executed for us to have offered a full service. These activity sets are defined as; Inspect: This involves visiting the site(s) / location(s), understanding present systems and gathering all incidental data and information Review: All collected information and data are collated, sorted analyzed and benchmarked Advise: From the review(s) conducted, set(s) of actionable activities and undertakings are drawn upand presented to the client for execution Guide: Either through a direct or passive involvement, the client/ owner/user is steered towards the execution of the required work to improve or reorganize their setup. Equipment Installation & Commissioning   With a host of highly trained engineers and technicians, we are well versed and experienced in installing and commissioning equipment for fuelling, industrial and water related operations, within and outside automation requirement. Our installation and commissioning services are guided by; Pre-planning Research Method Statements and Analyses Risk Analysis and Management Project Management Engineering Documentation Do you need our expertise in installing your equipment? Please contact us here for more information. DOWNLOAD OUR PRODUCT CATALOGUE DOWNLOAD OUR INDUSTRIAL HEAVY DUTY FUELING SOLUTION BROCHURE


HDPE PETROL PIPE Smartflow distributes and installs the KPS Petrol Pipe for all kinds of liquid petroleum products. These flexible plastic pipes are the most advanced and installer friendly piping system available for use on filling stations and allied fuelling locations. These pipes can serve for any of the following uses; Product Transfer Remote fill Pressure and Suction Lines Ventilation Conduits Vapor Recovery In addition to their large spectrum of usage, they have the following advantages over other plastic and metal piping systems; Up to 30 years warranty for all pipe products It is a much safer product as it has conductive (dissipative) lines that prevent static electricity build-up. Electrostatic build-up can cause fire, and subsequently explosions on the forecourt. With KPS pipes, this risk is ZERO! With zero permeation of hydrocarbons, KPS piping keeps fuel where it is supposed to be. KPS pipes are much easier, quicker, and cheaper to install Better Performing Equipment Due to the absence of Corrosion / Rust There are two variants of the KPS Petrol Pipe; Single Wall Petrol Pipes Double Wall Petrol Pipes Single Wall Petrol Pipes These are single pipes that come in small to medium dimensions suitable for all forms of station piping requirements, for sizes up to 110 mm (4 inches).pipes suitable for fill lines at filling stations. The single wall notwithstanding, these pipes have a highly reliable and effective permeation barrier that keeps fuel from diffusing through the pipe wall making permeation basically non-existent. These pipes also required conductive lining to prevent static build up thus guaranteeing a basic but important safety requirement. The single wall pipe has requisite approvals in place. Double Wall Petrol Pipes These are single pipes that come in small to medium dimensions suitable for all forms of station piping requirements, for sizes up to 110 mm (4 inches).pipes suitable for fill lines at filling stations. Due to environmental demands and legislation, the double-wall pipe system was designed and introduced. In the double-wall pipe system, the primary, inner pipe is the same high class pipe as for single wall solutions, surrounded by a slightly bigger secondary pipe. Thus the space between the pipes can be monitored to make sure no leaks occur from the primary pipe. The double-wall system from OPW/KPS is the market leader and meets any such requirement as desired by a user. LPG Pipes The growing use of LPG, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas, necessitated the development and deployment of LPG plastic pipe. KPS in driving the market introduced the world’s first plastic LPG pipe system. The KPS LPG pipe is made of high-density polyethylene or HDPE and designed for the high pressures used in LPG distribution. It was designed to handle pressures up to 25 bars and was actually loaded under test conditions to 40 bars. This LPG pipe meets the high standards of safety in the LPG industry. It has a permeation barrier and a conductive plastic liner, and this ensures that there will be no permeation of the hydrocarbons and that static electricity can dissipate safely. The advantages of the LPG pipe from KPS are; No corrosion. Unlike steel pipes that may corrode both inside and outside, the KPS LPG pipe does not corrode thus does not release harmful particles into dispensing equipment or leak into the soil or atmosphere. 10 years warranty on the pipe KPS provides a 10-year warranty for corrosion resistance of the LPG pipe. You cannot find this anywhere else and from any other LPG pipes. Quick and easy installation. Despite the pipes’ innate strength, toughness, and rugged performance, it is a semi-flexible plastic pipe, which can be rolled out easily into the trenches at the point of installation and afterward connect to tank and dispensers. The pipe can be bent on-site and guarantees that no arc welding or complicated installation procedures are needed. Installation can be completed in less than one day!!!! Lower cost and higher return on investment. Product and installation costs are kept at a minimum with the LPG pipe. Since the estimated lifetime of the pipe is over 30 years, these pipes provide a lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment than any other LPG pipe on the market. Smartflow supplies and utilizes quality KPS fittings as joints and connections in our highly reliable flexible plastic pipe system. These fittings maintain and retain the benefits from the pipe system while ensuring connection/entry to various openings. The available fittings include; Welding Sockets Bends & Tees Transition Fittings Entry Seals Welding Sockets KPS welding sockets are high quality, top of the range fittings that are easy to use while providing compact installation solutions. There are sockets for both single wall and double wall pipe systems with installation for both being done in a single run. The welding sockets are continuously tested and loaded under pressure in conjunction with pipes to guarantee their performance and strength remain up to standard. Transition Fittings With the understanding that there will be a need to connect to other pipe materials and configurations, KPS has available several plastic-to-steel transition fittings. These fittings allow for the safe connection of the pipes to tank manhole covers, dispensers, ventilation stacks, and fill points. The transition fittings range includes special flanges, threaded plastic/steel fittings, DIN flanges with plastic stub flanges, and various types of compression fittings. This ensures that the right solution to particular local needs and standards on sites and by installers are found and met. Bends and tees Although KPS pipes are flexible and can create field bends on their own, KPS has specialist bends to be used in tight spaces. KPS also has tees for collecting or dividing flow. These bends/elbows and tees guarantee the same compactness, superior flow, and zero permeation as the KPS pipes. Entry Seals Given the need to ensure and guarantee tightness and snug-fits at pipe entry points into tank chambers, underground fill boxes, or dispenser chambers, KPS/OPW developed and manufactures entry seals. These seals ensure that water does not enter into […]


Inventory Control From the storage tanks to the metered dispensers, Smartflow’s Lubrication Management System will capture and monitor every bulk fluid transaction. With user-defined security levels, you can manage access and ensure accountability for every fill and dispense. The supervision of your inventory will become a worry-free operation. Shop Efficiencies The high flow dispense meters will reduce dispensing time and help your throughput. These intelligent dispense meters move data processing power out to the service bay for paperless transactions and dispense record generation. You’ll limit the time-consuming interaction between parts and service departments and improve your fixed operations performance. Accurate Accounting Across the organization, from the accounting office to the parts room, every department is able to access and share the dispense data created by our Lubrication Management System. This data can be leveraged to ensure every quart or pint is accurately accounted and billed. Wireless: High frequency wireless transmission for optimal coverage and signal strength 2.4 GHz radio platform approved for use world-wide use with CE, FCC, C-Tick, IC approvals Capable of capturing dispense data from “roll-around” tanks PC Based: Easy to install Windows PC-based operating systems Compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC platforms and Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 (R2) server platforms. Automated: Real-time monitoring and feedback of your operation Event logs provide time and date stamp of every event Scheduled e-mail notification on tank levels Pop up alarms or messages for tank levels, low batteries and other user-defined events Lube and Grease Pumps Stay ahead of the competition with the latest product solution from Graco Lubrication – the LD Series Pump. The affordable and full featured LD is designed for lower volume applications and available in the 3:1 and 5:1 for oil and 50:1 for grease. These pumps are fine-tuned for a compact, flexible and still incredibly durable solution. All LD package meters come standard with trigger guard, loose boot and automatic nozzle. Features Three Inch Air Motor – provides more power to create better flow NXT Air Valve – Designed to reduce icing in continuous use application s and uses less air than competitive pumps for better efficiency. Easy to repair or replace without tearing down internal pump components for less downtime. Modular Air Valve – Air inlet and exhaust locations are easy to configure with just four bolts for simple, hassle free installations Built-In Thermal Relief and Inlet Strainer – Built in thermal relief protects your equipment from thermal expansion without the need to buy and install an additional kit. Inlet strainer protects your equipment from thermal expansion without the need to buy and install an additional kit. Inlet strainer (oil only) is built-in to protect pump from containments that can damage your pump. Typical Fluids Lubrication Grease Petroleum and Synthetic Motor Oil Hydraulic Oil Gear Oil Automatic Transmission Fluid Undercoating and Rust-proofing Typical Applications Lubricant Transfer Automotive dealerships Fast lube centres Service shops Lube trucks DOWNLOAD LUBE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM BROCHURE


Smartflow offers tank calibration and cleaning services for underground and aboveground tanks utilized in retail and commercial fuelling operations. In fuelling operations, particularly the receipts and storage of products otherwise referred to as custody transfer, up to 40% of product delivered is lost in situations wherein there is; No Calibration Wrong/Incorrect Calibration With the right calibrations, organisations and retail stations can block off up to 90% from their losses from delivery. Smartflow is highly experienced and competent in tank calibrations having spent adequate time, while applying and refining the right methods (API & DPR) for the calibration practice. Our calibrations come with high level accuracy that ensures that profits are retained and losses blocked off. In event of any non-conformity or issue, Smartflow’s calibrations come with a “Get-It-Right” guarantee which ensures that the calibration performed is correct and accurate. Calibrations are not only required when tanks are about to commence operations, but periodically, not longer than bi-annually, for tanks in operations. Periodic calibration is required as operational tanks would have undergone slight changes in position, orientation and form. Do you have a new fuel tank about to be put into operation or a tank in operation that you have not calibrated in a while? Let Smartflow calibrate your tank(s). TANK STRATIFICATION Storage tanks often require a high initial investment, and because they are fabricated with metal overtime become prone to corrosion, expansion and fracture. These tanks therefore require periodic maintenance to monitor corrosion trends and prevent product loss and resulting environmental pollution, thereby preserving the value of the investment. When Storage tanks become damaged or abandoned due to fractures and corrosion, fuel station owners/operators are often caught in an enigma considering the great cost to bear in either abandoning or replacing the damaged tank. Smartflow Tank Stratification Solution was developed as a result to address the key challenges to either abandoning or replacing a damaged storage tank by refurbishing it with coating tank internals with synthetic epoxy resins and fibre to; Seal noticed leakages in tank Remediate noticed corrosion in tanks Reinforce tank internals Proactively prevent further leakages and corrosion in tanks Transformation of the entire inner tank surface thereby achieving the highest standard of environmental safety. Tank Stratification prolongs the life span of the refurbished tank and is guaranteed to last for over 15years. The only downside is minimal – marginal reduction of volumetric space. Below are some of the benefits of our tank stratification service Extension of the lifetime and increase of the value of the asset. No system shutdown necessary, so that customers remain loyal during renovation. No excavations of tank required Complete metal corrosion protection. Total resistance to a wide range of chemicals A 10-year warranty on the tank transformation with possible extension. Smartflow’s Tank Stratification Services is carried out using Wolftank’s technology with the aid of very advanced technical equipment from Graco such as; Ecoquip 2 Vapour Abraisive Blasting Machine XL70 Spraying Machine Hydraclean Pressure Cleaner Husky Air pumps & other equipment. DOWNLOAD CALIBRATION BROCHURE


Gantry Car Wash – EasyWash Slim and compact on the outside, roomy on the inside and also suitable for wide vehicles. With SofTecs gentle to paintwork brushes, special wheel wash brushes, foam and high pressure to satisfy the basic requirements of a good car wash. Reliable and low-maintenance. Advantages: Slim external dimensions – as little as 7.75 m suffice for washing a car 5 m in length. Attractive designs. Low maintenance requirements. Perfect washing and drying results. Equipment details: SoftTecs brushes gentle to paintwork. Wheel wash brushes. Outline controlled roof drier, rotatable. Side driers. Gantry Car Wash – SoftCare Pro Classic Flexible in terms of the equipment. First Class performance when washing and drying. Attractive design variants. Perfectly coordinated functions and processes increase the washing speed and accordingly the sales. The optional Advanced Chemical System ACS for easy handling. Makes refilling the washing chemicals a doddle and avoids all risk of mix-ups and spillages. Advantages Versatile adaptation to different market and operator needs around the world. Satisfied customers – thanks to perfect washing and drying results. Individually combinable washing modules and single functions. Attractive designs. The machine front is available in 2 widths, 8 heights and a range of design and display variants. Equipment details: Spray system for pre-cleaning and subsequent treatment. High-pressure systems. Software for customised washing programme configuration. Advanced Chemical System ACS for easy refilling of the washing chemicals without the risk of mix-ups or spillages. Self Service Car wash – WashMaster The WashMaster is the best solution for ‘empty space’ at petrol stations, car dealerships, workshops and supermarkets, or as a self-service add-on to a gantry car wash. The stainless-steel housing of the WashMaster contains all components for the operation of up to six different wash programmes (intensive pre-wash, shampoo, wax, fresh water and osmosis water through the high-pressure nozzle, foam through the brush). Advantages: Profitable business in the smallest of spaces Compact, powerful washing technology for installation outdoors or in the service room Ideal for generating additional turnover in ‘empty space’ at petrol stations, car dealerships, workshops and supermarkets Easy operation and flexible equipment for satisfied customers The WashMaster is Perfect for: Service stations Car showrooms Supermarkets As a self-service module at a car wash tunnel As a self-service module at a gantry car wash


Fuel/Fleet Management Systems The high cost of business operations has made Fuel Management necessary, even compulsory for firms, establishments and organizations. Faced with the need to cut off losses and retain more profits, the high costs of fuel and fueling activities has been sought to be reduced. Many organizations, have tried certain processes, systems and initiatives to manage fuel usage and expenses; most of these have actually being wrongly applied and/or conceived leading to the problem remaining, and operational costs soaring. Smartflow has since 2009 being at the forefront of providing well-crafted and customized Fuel Management Solutions for our clients. Put together, several billions of naira have been saved using Smartflow Fuel Management Solutions. At Smartflow we define Fuel Management as the administration and control of the platforms, processes and systems that allow and guarantee the ability to accurately account for fuel products, either individually or collectively, at their points of receipt, storage, distribution and issuance. Owners of large fleet with commercial fueling setups, can manage their fleet, and block fueling leakages using Smartflow’s solution. Through Smartflow solution, each vehicle/equipment is duly tracked and authorized to fuel within set limits. This brings accountability, control and advanced fleet data management. Why not talk to us today to deploy a customized Fuel Management Solution for you. Smartflow’s Fuel Management Solution always starts off from the ability to measure; this is based on our belief that, “You cannot Manage what you cannot Measure”.   Fuel Management Consoles The fuel management console is designated to car fleet managers wishing to supervise and to secure fuel supply. Features Real time communication between terminals and servers, via internet or intranet. Quick and efficient thanks to search engine and reports generator that enable a flexible and real customization of the product. Longevity of the equipment thanks to the use of resistant materials. Scalability based on functional modules able to control the following devices: fuel dispensing, oil dispensing, gate opening, carwash, electrical vehicles charging… Real-time or stand-alone operating Multi-site Connection TCP/IP network – Modem – RS232/485 – Wireless Simultaneous management of 1 to 16 pumps for each terminal Identification of drivers and/or vehicles by code or by different kinds of badges (proximity cards/keyfobs, magnetic cards, etc.) Manages a maximum of 15000 drivers and 15000 vehicles Stores up to 2500 transactions Remote control and supervision Alarm trigger with e-mail, fax or SMS notification Oil co. data input is performed easily. (Total, Shell, Esso, As24) Data output towards any application Real time transactions printing or tickets edition (optional) Automatic vehicles identity recognition (optional) Automatic mileage input can be performed directly from vehicles (optional) Digital tachograph driver card reader (optional) Simple web interface, accessible from any computer on the network. Management of fuel stocks, with levels’ chart Management of different kinds of users (passengers, subcontractors, customers, etc.) Management of maintenance actions with automatic recall Management of anomalies with recording of maintenance history, stocks states, variations in fuel consumptions, electrical shut down, etc. Automatic Tank Gauge Systems Automatic Tank Gauging systems (ATG) are primarily used to determine the level of fluids (and possibly granular solids) contained within a tank. The ATG through the determined levels processes and delivers additional information such as volume, ullage, water level, high alarms, low alarms, reorder alarms, overfill alarms and so on. Our ATG systems are designed to make data accessible either onsite or remotely via the internet. How It Works The probes are installed in the tanks, reading the level of fluid in the tank and continuously computing the volume. This information is sent to the control panel. The control panel displays the levels and volumes in the tank locally/on site. This information is accessible through a clear user-friendly interface. Data is stored on a dedicated remote server. No IT infrastructure is required by the customer. The End user can also access the information by logging into the site. The End user can also get alert via emails or SMS on the levels/volumes of fluid in the tank per time. The most frequent level instrumentation task is level control and limit level switching whether if the measurement medium is liquid or solid. This is the reason why SMARTFLOW focuses on level switches in addition to the level transmitters. SMARTFLOW supplies the instruments that offer reliable level control and limit level switching solutions for most media from potable water to sewage, aggressive alkalis and acids, or free- flowing, powdered, bulk or granular solids. Thanks to this very wide level switch selection we are able to provide suitable instruments for most level instrumentation applications. Most of our level switches have explosion-proof versions (in accordance to ATEX and/or IEC Ex). Moreover we offer suitable solutions for special requirements, for example the ship-building industry with a need for Germanischer Lloyd (GL), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Bureau Veritas (BV) or SIL approvals. Compact, efficiently designed. 7” full-colour-touch-screen display Simple for authorized users to understand and operate while eliminating unauthorized access. Easily manage multiple tanks. Supports up to 64 inputs (probes) Web-Enabled: monitor and control your automatic tank gauge system from any web browser. Able to store measurement values and three additional parameters of the connected transmitters in a measurement system into the internal FLASH memory or an SD memory card System Highlights: Battery backed systems available No IT infrastructure required Can connect to Local LAN or GPRS network Flexible probes available for tall tanks 1000+ working probes around Nigeria DC versions available Forecourt Automation Smartflow offers various solutions for effective and efficient Retail Station Management. These solutions and capabilities deployed depend on actual needs of the station or station network. Smartflow’s Retail Station Management has an assortment of automation and non-automation components, all fully customized to the clients’ need. Starting from providing high efficient pumps/dispensers, delivering calibration services in underground tanks, deploying Automatic Tank Gauges to Measure, and getting Forecourt Controllers to talk to the pumps, Smartflow’s solution ensure that your station runs profitably with leakage points blocked off. Smartflow offers various solutions for effective and efficient Retail Station Management. Smartflow’s Forecourt Automation Solution […]


Whether you are looking to freshen up your forecourt, offer flexible fuel or optimise your fueling operations, Smartflow Technologies has the perfect solution. See which one works best for you.


Smartflow is certified and has well trained/experienced Inspectors that can perform onshore/offshore inspections (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly and yearly) on hydrants, mobile bowsers, tanks, Filter water separators and tank farms. Smartflow can audit its client’s facilities or represent its clients in auditing 3rd party tank farms and suppliers for compliance and supplier assessment.


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