Today, piping systems are more high-tech and automated than ever. With environmental regulations becoming more strict and energy and other utility costs rising, industries rely on automation to monitor and control their processes to ensure efficiency, safety and legal compliance. Smartflow offers Signet line of controllers, sensors and analytical instrumentation. in addition to the Signet instrumentation line, we offer a comprehensive line of actuated valves that complement the instrumentation and complete the entire system.


Signet transmitters are ideal for more monitoring and controlling various measurements such as flow and pH. The transmitters are available with a display for local readout and can be directly connected to a PLC, metering pump or actuated valve for advanced monitoring and control.

Actuated Valves:

Whether for a simple on/off or a complicated throtting application, Smartflow has a comprehensive line of actuated valves that are designed to provide precise flow control. Smartflow can also provide customised solutions such as incorporating specialty actuators on to our valves.

Manual Valves:

Smartflow offers a complete line of manual valves including ball, butterfly, diaphram, globe and check valves. Available materials include PVC, CVPC, ABS, PVDF and PP


A wide range of measuring devices are available including low pH, conductivity, ORP, pressure, turbidity, chlorine and dissolved oxygen. In addition, fittings are available to place sensors in the optimal location within the piping system.

PRV (Pressure Regulating Valves):

Available as pressure reducing valves or pressure retaining valves, the wide array of available materials and configurations provide flexibility in choosing just the right valve.


Rotameters are ideal for simple and accurate flow measuring. The offering is designed to be compatible with our piping systems matching materials and chemical resistance. The rotameters are offered in high purity version and can be configured to have electrical feedback.


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