Software solutions

Station Analytics


Smartflow Station Analytics delivers over 100 KPIs aggregated for fuel retailers, empowering stakeholders to make better data driven decisions that attract business gains. Some of the key performance indicators available on this platform are:

→ Real time sales analysis
→ Real time tank movements (consumption, deliveries, fuel levels, temperature, water levels)
→ Payments analysis (card, cash, fuel card, e-wallet & more)
→ Reconciliation & fraud analysis
→ Customer behavioral insights
→ Sales marketing insights
→ Price trend & survey analysis
→ Automated stock replenishment planning
→ Pump performance & flow analysis
→ Downloadable reports & alerts.


Station Manager


The Smartflow Station Manager is a cloud based solution for efficient fuel station operations management. Leverage the power of this innovation to apply relevant controls that guarantee revenue assurance.

→ Manage sales and stock data captured by station managers or other authorized users
→ Change pump price remotely or physically,
→ Manage expenses,
→ Manage payments (by multiple methods – cash, bank card, fuel card, loyalty)
→ Manage fuel supply and deliveries,
→ Manage sales of non-white products e.g. lubes, LPG, retail store items,
→ and more…

Smart Eye


Smartflow SmartEye is an automatic tank monitoring system for continuous wetstock management.
This proprietary solution was been designed to read tank and generator movements remotely in real-time, providing a high level of comfort to all businesses with fuel storage tanks and generator sets of any capacity.

Key Benefits:
→  Real-time remote monitoring system
→  Insight on water and temperature level on product
→  Custom downloadable report on consumption and deliveries
→  Alert for reorder, water, and temperature level
→  Easy integration with a GPS tracker
→  Bespoke features can be added


Cupid Software



The Cupid solution is categorized into 2 sections and they are:
1. Cupid fueling
2. Cupid retail

Cupid Fueling:

The Cupid fueling is a fuel management system that gives every commercial and private fleet owner accountability over the amount of fuel consumed. It is sub-categorized into 2 sections and they are:
1. The automated Cupid fueling
2. The manual Cupid fueling

The automated Cupid fueling is a real-time smart fuel management system that offers end-to-end visibility of all vehicle fueling operations as well as providing a robust dashboard that aids the analyzing of fuel usage and buying patterns.

Its key benefits are:
→ Real-time monitoring of Sales Data
→ Payment, reconciliation, and Fraud Analysis
→ Customer behavioral insights
→ Price trend and survey analysis
→ Automated stock replenishment planning
→ Pump flow analysis
→ Real-time executive overview of business performance
→ Real-time remote pump price change

Unlike the automated Cupid fueling, The manual Cupid fueling is a manual fuel management system that provides the value of sales data

Its key benefits are:
→ Real-time monitoring of sales data
→ Payment, reconciliation, and fraud analysis
→ Customer behavioral insights

Cupid Retail:

Cupid retail is a feature-rich retail POS system with features ranging from inventory and retail reporting to eCommerce.
Cupid retail is an all-in-one retail POS software that was designed to help you sell in-store, online, and on the go.



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