Smartflow offers tank calibration and cleaning services for underground and aboveground tanks utilized in retail and commercial fuelling operations.

In fuelling operations, particularly the receipts and storage of products otherwise referred to as custody transfer, up to 40% of product delivered is lost in situations wherein there is;

  • No Calibration
  • Wrong/Incorrect Calibration

With the right calibrations, organisations and retail stations can block off up to 90% from their losses from delivery.

Smartflow is highly experienced and competent in tank calibrations having spent adequate time, while applying and refining the right methods (API & DPR) for the calibration practice. Our calibrations come with high level accuracy that ensures that profits are retained and losses blocked off. In event of any non-conformity or issue, Smartflow’s calibrations come with a “Get-It-Right” guarantee which ensures that the calibration performed is correct and accurate.

Calibrations are not only required when tanks are about to commence operations, but periodically, not longer than bi-annually, for tanks in operations. Periodic calibration is required as operational tanks would have undergone slight changes in position, orientation and form.

Do you have a new fuel tank about to be put into operation or a tank in operation that you have not calibrated in a while? Let Smartflow calibrate your tank(s).


Storage tanks often require a high initial investment, and because they are fabricated with metal overtime become prone to corrosion, expansion and fracture. These tanks therefore require periodic maintenance to monitor corrosion trends and prevent product loss and resulting environmental pollution, thereby preserving the value of the investment.

When Storage tanks become damaged or abandoned due to fractures and corrosion, fuel station owners/operators are often caught in an enigma considering the great cost to bear in either abandoning or replacing the damaged tank.

Smartflow Tank Stratification Solution was developed as a result to address the key challenges to either abandoning or replacing a damaged storage tank by refurbishing it with coating tank internals with synthetic epoxy resins and fibre to;

  • Seal noticed leakages in tank
  • Remediate noticed corrosion in tanks
  • Reinforce tank internals
  • Proactively prevent further leakages and corrosion in tanks
  • Transformation of the entire inner tank surface thereby achieving the highest standard of environmental safety.

Tank Stratification prolongs the life span of the refurbished tank and is guaranteed to last for over 15years. The only downside is minimal – marginal reduction of volumetric space.

Below are some of the benefits of our tank stratification service

  • Extension of the lifetime and increase of the value of the asset.
  • No system shutdown necessary, so that customers remain loyal during renovation.
  • No excavations of tank required
  • Complete metal corrosion protection.
  • Total resistance to a wide range of chemicals A 10-year warranty on the tank transformation with possible extension.

Smartflow’s Tank Stratification Services is carried out using Wolftank’s technology with the aid of very advanced technical equipment from Graco such as;

  • Ecoquip 2 Vapour Abraisive Blasting Machine
  • XL70 Spraying Machine
  • Hydraclean Pressure Cleaner
  • Husky Air pumps & other equipment.



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