Business Data Intelligence & Reporting

The worth and benefit of installed automation equipment comes from getting improved data and intelligence from them.
Following the above premise and in order to ensure that our clients get the best from their installed automation equipment such asAutomaticTank Gauges and Fuel Management Systems, we offer an add-on Business Data Intelligence service. Through this service, the performance and cost-saving abilities of automation equipment is increased by over 80%.
This service which could be delivered as a recurring, timed or one-off service involves the delivery, individually or collectively, of the following activities.

  • Data Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring and Regular Checks
  • Investigations
  • Ongoing Recommendations

Consultation & Audit


In the bid to get projects and operations on the right course of effectiveness and efficiency, we offer Consultation and Audit services to organisations. The interesting about Smartflow’s Consultation and Audit services is that it can be offered at no cost or just for a minimal logistics fee; this will be based on the scale, scope and location of the required service. We presently offer Consultation and Audit services in the following areas;

  • Fuelling Operations and Management
  • Water Automation and Control
  • Fleet Management
  • Retail Station Construction, Upgrades, Operations and Management
  • Industrial Level Control and Flow Measurement

Irrespective of the area where we offer our Consultation and Audit Services, there are four activity sets that are to be executed for us to have offered a full service. These activity sets are defined as;

  • Inspect: This involves visiting the site(s) / location(s), understanding present systems and gathering all incidental data and information
  • Review: All collected information and data are collated, sorted analyzed and benchmarked
  • Advise: From the review(s) conducted, set(s) of actionable activities and undertakings are drawn upand presented to the client for execution
  • Guide: Either through a direct or passive involvement, the client/ owner/user is steered towards the execution of the required work to improve or reorganize their setup.

Equipment Installation & Commissioning


With a host of highly trained engineers and technicians, we are well versed and experienced in installing and commissioning equipment for fuelling, industrial and water related operations, within and outside automation requirement.

Our installation and commissioning services are guided by;

  • Pre-planning
  • Research
  • Method Statements and Analyses
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Documentation

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