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Pro tips for every fuel business owner

The oil and gas industry is still one of the most competitive sector all over the world. With over 6000 fuel stations in Nigeria, it is highly important for fuel business owners to be at the top of their game and at all times.

So here are some tips that should help your fuel business stay ahead in the industry.

Employees that adds value:

Employees play a major role in the success of a business, everything they do matters, from their attitude to work, to their behavior towards customers, all must be taken into consideration and also monitored. There are some key attributes that your fuel station employees must possess to make sure that your fuel station runs successfully.

  • Punctuality: In order to avoid losing customers, it is important that you pump attendants arrive at the agreed opening time. When people notice the punctuality at your fuel stations they tend to patronize your station more often.
  • Friendly:  Your employees, especially the pump attendants that will be facing customers directly should be friendly and always ready to serve
  • Honesty: Honesty is core in every human, and it is one attribute that your fuel station employees must posses as it is crucial to the smooth running of your fuel business.
Customer is KING:

Customer satisfaction goes a long way in determining the success of a business, therefore, it is important that your customers are always happy and satisfied with the products that they purchase and the services that they are rendered. Ensuring that customers make a repurchase is strongly dependent on their level of satisfaction. There are several ways that you can ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied, such as;

  • Making sure that your products(PMS, AGO, DPK, LPG) are of good quality and not manipulated.
  • Making sure your litre is a LITRE.
  • Showing occasional appreciation of your customers by running customer loyalty programs eg incentives, gift cards, etc.
  • Create an avenue for customer feedback.
  • Understanding the pain points of your customers and working towards providing better and lasting solutions.

By doing this, you can easily gain the trust and loyalty of your customers and this will significantly boost the growth and success of your fuel station(s).

Regular maintenance routine:

Your fuel station(s) should have a regular maintenance routine to avoid impromptu situations. Repairs should be done as soon as possible and not delayed because an hour of downtime at your fuel station can mean more than a hundred new customers for your competition.

Go digital:

In this modern day and age where everything is virtually online, creating an online platform such as websites, social media pages, online applications for your fuel station would promote online awareness for your business. Online platforms would help to bridge the communication gap between you and your customers, you also get unlimited feedback and reviews on the products and services that your station offers. Moving your fuel business to the digital world would boost both virtual and physical presence of your fuel business.

More so, technology systems allows you to seamlessly manage and monitor your fuel business from anywhere in the world. The Smartflow innovative technology solutions are positioned to cut down operational losses and increase your business revenue.

A customer-oriented fuel business that also integrates modern technology into its fueling operations will always be a million steps ahead of competition. Contact for more details on our technology solutions and how it can be beneficial to your fuel business.

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