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Customer Loyalty: A Reward Fit For Kings

If the phrase “Customer is King” were a person that gets one naira every time he is used, he should be sitting at the same table with the top 2% in the nation today.  The phrase is used almost as a bragging right to show how well we honour our customers. Without customers, every business/ brand will be totally annihilated. We can’t afford to lose them so we do everything we can to make them stay.

Most businesses cannot boast that their actions and decisions, so far, go hand in hand with the phrase.  To what extent are we willing to go to prove that our customers are really king?

With the available data from customer’s feedback, it is safe to say that most businesses have crippled the meaning of this phrase to just good customer service. That, we dare say is like describing Africa based on how well Burundi is doing (No offence, Pierre Nkurunziza). Topics like customer experience and customer retention are usually left unattended to.

Zooming in to the oil and gas industry, it is no longer news that technology is steadily gaining ground and making cumbersome tasks super easy and intuitive. Forward-thinking business owners are already adapting technology, and as a result, their businesses are experiencing tremendous visible growth.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, fuel businesses continue to look for innovative ways to stay ahead of their competitors and they know this difference comes primarily from the number of customers they are able to pull in to their corner and retain. At this point, customer loyalty stops becoming an option. If you want to remain in business, it is something that must be done to attract new customers and retain the old ones.

With extensive market research and insight into customer behaviour analysis, Smartflow Technologies Limited has put together a solid customer loyalty programme that actually works and makes customers happy, it is also very easy to use and set up.

We are offering you the competitive advantage that your business needs on a silver platter just so that your fuel business can give you the full satisfaction you desire. Contact us at or call 08125120366, 09018045354 and 07015825689 to get started. We look forward to giving you a royal reception. 

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