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CupidFueling: Building Great Customer Experience

“Word of mouth(WOM) is very powerful”, lets take a page from the book of the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos.

Although often underrated, WOM is one of the most effective marketing strategy for businesses, a marketing strategy where a satisfied customer tells someone else about your business/brand based on their personal experience, now imagine 100 customers telling 5 different people about your business, MASSIVE SALES right?

For retail fuel business owners, building great customer experience is as easy as deploying the CupidFueling solution at your fuel station(s). This fleet fueling solution goes beyond just automating processes, it comes with the satisfaction of deploying a solution that works for both you and your customers.

The CupidFueling solution brings EASE of fleet fueling to customers, EFFECTIVELY meets their fleet fueling demands and gives EXACT and real-time reporting on their fleet fueling transactions at the forecourt.


Manually managing the fueling activities of over a hundred fleet can be stressful, time-wasting and to top it all, error-prone. The CupidFueling solution eliminates all of these by giving customers a platform where they can easily control, monitor and manage real-time fueling activities of their fleet.


Ever heard of the jerrycan syndrome? Okay we just coined that, another word for this is fuel theft, which both fuel business owners and their customers suffer huge losses from. The CupidFueling authorization process prevents all forms of human-related sharp practices at the forecourt by detecting and blocking unauthorized fueling operations in real-time


When it comes to numbers, a single error is a costly mistake, well that does not apply with this fleet fueling solution, the system automatically captures every single fueling activity in real-time at the forecourt and you can be sure of 100 percent accuracy when generating reports for reconciliation purposes

We will save the rest for later or better still why not hear from the horse’s mouth by deploying this fleet fueling solution at your station(s).

For further inquires contacts for sales contact sales@smartflowtech,com today to get started.

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