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Benefits of a Fuel Management System for Fleets

Managing a pool of commercial vehicle can be very rewarding, also demanding and tricky. Been faced with challenges from all aspect, varying from internal to external factors have been seen as a norm.

One of the biggest cost-saving challenges for a fleet manager is the ever-increasing rise in fuel cost. Fluctuations in market price and the external factors that influence price are beyond the control of a fleet manager.

However, living in an era of rapid technological advancement makes life so much easier.

Gone are those days when fleet managers document fuel data with pen and paper. The time spent recording is almost wasted, as it does not provide an accurate value.

An effective Fuel Management system ensures the best utilization of resources and allows the reduction of fuel consumption and cost to a large extent.

Smartflow Technologies offers a productive fuel management system whose software is programmed to manage sites, tanks, flow meters, dispensers, vehicles (cars, trucks, ships, boats, aeroplanes, helicopters, e.t.c), equipment, generators and users.

A fuel management system provides extensive benefits for:

  • Fixed-base or mobile fueling operators.
  • Fleet operators such as transportation companies that handle fueling internally.
  • Administrations managing commercial vehicles for movement of goods, individuals or the general motor pool.

Key benefits are;

  • Better fuel security – you always know what you have and where it’s going
  • Better tracking – tracks every litre of fuel or fluid dispensed
  • Reduces stock loss – 24/7 access to depot stock and fueling system
  • No third-party usage – utilizes contactless technology to give you a secured and controlled fueling system.

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