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Why use a composite manhole cover

Rainwater that finds its way into manholes through manhole covers or soil infiltration is a major problem.

Underground utility damage, higher operating and maintenance costs for existing facilities, and contamination of storage tank product can all be experienced due to rainwater infiltration in manhole covers.

You’ve probably heard the question asked, “Why choose a composite manhole cover over a traditional manhole made of steel, cast iron and concrete manhole cover”

Composite manhole covers prevent any ingress of surface water into chambers above the underground tank.

As well as being lightweight, it is typically a third of the weight of an equivalent-size cover produced in metal or concrete,

It also eliminates the risk of back injury and crushed fingers with their ergonomically-designed lifting aid, which enables safe lifting from waist height

Our composite manhole covers are sourced directly from Fibrelite, which is known to be the world’s leading brand of high-quality lightweight access covers.

Benefits our manhole cover provides are;

    • Water and air tight
    • Does not corrode, crack or crumble and resistant to sodium chloride
    • Significant reduction in heat transfer
    • Anti-static and does not conduct electricity
    • Improved anti-skid and anti-wear properties
    • Designed to handle heavy vehicle load
    • Easy and safe for single hand removal
    • Wide range of size and shapes
    • Unaffected by underground gases and chemicals
    • Easy lifting aid eliminated potential back injury and crushed fingers
    • Eliminates the risk of theft due to no scrap/ resale value
    • Maintenance free



Need I say more?

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