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The Importance of Regular Fuel Pump Maintenance


When things are running smoothly, it might be easy to overlook common maintenance chores such as inspection and replacement of parts.
But nothing could be farther from the truth; a slight malfunction can be the cause of an entire shutdown.

As we know, fuel pump dispensers are used in dispensing and monitoring liquid or gaseous fuel.
However, an unexpected failure in a fueling station will interrupt the sale process and lead to costly downtime that can impact you significantly.

This brings us to how to detect a faulty fuel pump dispenser.
Common symptoms fuel pump dispensers exhibit when faulty are;
• It doesn’t work occasionally
• It’s flow rate fluctuates
• It discharges fuel from the vent pipe
• It makes an abnormal noise
• It’s counter doesn’t register fuel delivered
• Inaccuracy in measurement
• Leakage from O-ring or gasket

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