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Storage tank solution falls under two major top-level categories:

Locally Fabricated Tanks – are predominantly or mainly supplied and work on single walls. The tanks are non-complex. Generally, we fabricate tanks in different models such as; Mobile tanks, container tanks on the ground, and day tanks for generators. These types of tanks are fabricated in a single wall. Fabrication of double wall tanks in Nigeria is very complicated, and we have seen cases where such tanks started leaking after installing for about 7years and had to be downgraded due to poor specifications, and production. Double-wall tanks are supposed to give better protection but require special maintenance. For instance, if water finds its way into the interstitial space, which is the space in between the two tanks, it will eat into the tank walls both inwards (into the product) and outwards into the earth and there will be leakage. Due to the complexity of the double-wall tanks, we have partnered with Fuelco. Fuelco is the largest manufacturer of stationary containerized tanks globally, with its head office in Melbourne, Australia

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