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Smartflow launches new Technology Advisory and Analytics Service (TAAS)

After months of hard work and resilience, Smartflow is pleased to announce the release of her new product: The TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY AND ANALYTICS SERVICE.

What is the TAAS about?

The Technology Advisory and Analytics Service is designed to help businesses present their complex data in simple, custom made and actionable dashboards that will help them make better-informed business decisions and improve efficiency across the board.

Regardless of the data format available, we are able to extract and transform them using cutting edge software solutions to give you your bespoke analytics dashboard.

What else do I have to benefit?

Research and experience have shown that even the best dashboards and resources, if not utilized properly will not lead to a significant improvement in growth and efficiency. We also offer sound business advice and guidance by examining various aspects of your data and recommending ways to optimize efficiency and increase profit.

How long does it take to complete?

Depending on the data size, dashboards can be prepared between 1-3 Weeks

What type of business can benefit from this service?

The Technology Advisory and Analytics Service is available to all business types across all sectors on the continent.

How do I get started?

To get started, send an email to and a customer support representative will reach out to you within 4-6business hours.

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