Flow and Level Instruments


Flow and level are two very basic and most important parameter for any liquid handling process. Smartflow has over the years developed core competence in capturing this two parameters as per customer requirement. Selection of equipment used for capturing flow and volume of any mass is the most critical part. We at Smartflow play a very important role in this and has been able to achieve great respect from customers as a result of our consultative approach towards improvement in operational efficiency.


Automatic Tank Gauging systems (ATG) are primarily used to determine the level of fluids (and possibly granular solids) contained within a tank. The ATG through the determined levels processes and delivers additional information such as volume, ullage, water level, high alarms, low alarms, reorder alarms, overfill alarms and so on. Our ATG systems are designed to make data accessible either onsite or remotely via the internet.


1. The probes are installed in the tanks, reading the level of fluid in the tank and continuously computing the volume. This information is sent to the control panel.

2. The control panel displays the levels and volumes in the tank locally/on site. This information is accessible through a clear user-friendly interface.

3. Data is stored on a dedicated remote server. No IT infrastructure is required by the customer.

4. The End user can also access the information by logging into the site. The End user can also get alert via emails or SMS on the levels/volumes of fluid in the tank per time.

  • Compact, efficiently designed. 7”full-colour-touch-screen display
  • Simple for authorised users to understand and operate while eliminating unauthorised access.
  • Easily manage multiple tanks. Supports up to 64 inputs (probes)
  • Web-Enabled: monitor and control your automatic tank gauge system from any web browser.
  • Able to store measurement values and three additional parameters of the connected transmitters in a measurement system into the internal FLASH memory or an SD memory card.
  • Battery backed systems available
  • No IT infrastructure required
  • Can connect to Local LAN or GPRS network
  • Flexible probes available for tall tanks
  • 1000+ working probes around Nigeria
  • DC versions available.
  • Real time communication between terminals and servers, via internet or intranet.
  • Quick and efficient thanks to search engine and reports generator that enable a flexible and real customization of the product.
  • Longevity of the equipment thanks to the use of resistant materials.
  • Scalability based on functional modules able to control the following devices: fueldispensing, oil dispensing, gate opening, carwash, electrical vehicles charging…
  • Real-time or stand-alone operating
  • Multi-site
  • Connection TCP/IP network – Modem – RS232/485 – Wireless
  • Simultaneous management of 1 to 16 pumpsfor each terminal
  • Identification of drivers and/or vehicles by codeor by different kinds of badges(proximity cards/keyfobs, magnetic cards, etc.)
  • Manages a maximum of 15000 driversand 15000 vehicles
  • Stores up to 2500 transactions
  • Remote control and supervision
  • Alarm trigger with e-mail, fax or sms notification
  • Oil co. data input is performed easily. (Total, Shell, Esso, As24)
  • Data output towards any application
  • Real time transactions printing or tickets edition(optional)
  • Automatic vehicles identity recognition (optional)
  • Automatic mileage input can be performed directly from vehicles (optional)
  • Digital tachograph driver card reader (optional)
  • Simple web interface, accessible from any computer on the network.
  • Management of fuel stocks, with levels’ chart
  • Management of different kinds of users (passengers, subcontractors, customers, etc.)
  • Management of maintenance actions with automatic recall
  • Management of anomalies with recording of maintenance history, stocks states, variations in fuel consumption’s, electrical shut down, etc.