The OPW 11® Series automatic nozzles are OPW’s premium conventional nozzles for safe retail and commercial petroleum filling. The OPW 11® Series is the most trusted conventional nozzle in the world for full service use. The OPW 11B® series is designed for use in retail and commercial filling applications including pre-pay, self and full-service, credit/debit card readers or card-lock systems to help prevent gasoline spills. The OPW 11B® will not open until the pumping system is pressurised, and closes automatically when the pressure is removed.

Features & Benefits

Safe for Use
  • Prevents gasoline spills in prepay or card-lock systems utilising OPW’s unique No Pressure – No Flow Device. The nozzle cannot be opened until the pumping system is pressurized and closes automatically when the pressure is removed.
  • Prevents customer from jamming the nozzle in an open position – Blocker on lever guard. FlowLock™ allows nozzle to shut-off when falling out of a vehicle, and tipped up limiting spillage and unsafe conditions.
Durable & Long –Lasting Design
  • Cycle-tested and proven to last longer than 1 million cycles – Better than any other nozzle available on the market today.
  • Durable lever guard that won’t scratch your customers’ vehicles
Appealing to Customers
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive 2-piece Newgard™ Hand Insulator is the most comfortable nozzle in the industry to use.
  • Convenient – One fingerhold-open clip that is easy to set the flowrate.