Flow Meters

Flow Meters

Smartflow has bouquets of solutions that automate the flow processes for facilities that deal with flowing fluids. Complementing this solution we offer wide range of flow meters for different types of products and application requirements.

Fil-Rite Nutating disc Mechanical and Electronic Flow Meters
  • Size – 1 & 1.5 Inches
  • Application – Diesel , PETROL and Biodiesel
  • 3 & 4 Digit Counter
  • Non Resettable Totalizer



Rotary Flow Meter

The TCS 700 rotary flow meter combines excellent accuracy with low pressure drop.  The TCS 700 rotary flow meter has a compact size and lightweight design that offers minimal maintenance and long service life.  This meter is built with advanced materials of construction for a broad range of measurement applications and is accompanied by a full selection of accessories and electronic registration.

The TCS 700 series rotary flow meter has a simple and efficient meter design consisting of a housing and three rotors that rotate in unison within the measuring chamber. The absence of wear, from no metal-to-metal contact within the chamber, eliminates any deterioration in accuracy and provides a long service life.


  • Flow: Capable of up to 1,000 GPM (3,785 LPM);  Bi-directional Flow
  • Linear Accuracy: Capable of ± 0.15% of over the full flow range
  • Repeatability: Capable of 0.02% (constant operation conditions with 700SP meters & mechanical registration, using 1 CPS test fluid)
  • Viscosity: Will accurately measure liquids up to 1,500,000 SSU (325,000 CPS)
  • Temperature: – 40 to 160°F (- 40 to 71°C