It has been established that fuel and fuelling activities make up between 15% and 50% of aviation operational spend. A large portion of these expenses and costs are brought about by poor fuel/fuelling capture systems, procurement delays, system leakages and blatant human manipulation.

Coming on the back of real life success stories, particularly one where one of our clients has been able to cut off over $2 million dollars in their annual fuel spend, Smartflow has matured systems and processes in place. These interlinked and integrated setups from Smartflow promote increased profitability and efficiencies, utilizing robust and accurate aviation fuel management practices.

Aside deploying own system for the aviation fuel management, Smartflow also works with present systems and seeks to integrate them with Smartflow centralized online monitoring platforms.

Smartflow creates/refines fuelling processes and workflows, through managed service offering, for clients in the aviation sector; this delivers actionable business data and intelligence.