Smartflow, as a forward thinking organisation with the right motivation understands that there is a social purpose that must achieved, aside accomplishing set-out business objectives. It is based on this that we take Community Relationships seriously, acting it out in thought, word and action. The overall aim is to deliver value for the communities it serves whilst reinforcing their relationship.

Our community relationships and engagements, sees us focusing on delivering sustainability and improvements. As a guiding principle, we continually seek to create partnerships and/or setup initiatives that will better the community, now and in the years to come.

We seek to utilize the ‘multiplier effect’, where possible, particularly by impacting upon select persons and organisations so that they can in turn influence their peers, neighbourhoods, groups. Through this, we have seen continual streams of benefits created and lives being transformed.

Technology Transfer

Through this, Smartflow tries to stimulate the next wave of Nigeria’s Technological growth through knowledge building and practical works in Science and Technology.

Educational Support for Indigent Students

Every year, select indigent students are offered targeted Scholarships that will help them move ahead in their studies.

Entrepreneurship & Management Guidance

Using Smartflow’s practical management template, Smartflow seeks out focused individual in our area of operations, helping to refine their business ideas and set them on the path of success.

General Community Support

Through this area, directly or through charities, we give support to the elderly and those with special needs so that they can live wholesome lives.