Basket Strainers


Smartflow offers basket type strainers for variety of installations and conditions and designed for straining and filtering of wide variety of fluids.

As unfiltered liquid enters the strainer, will directly pass through basket in which almost all impurities are trapped into the basket and only clean liquid will pass through to the outlet of the strainer. Advanced dynamic flow and large filtration area elements ensure low pressure drops and reduce maintenance period. Also, it is prevented by “O” Ring seal between basket flange and strainer internal flange, as well as retain position of basket even in case of reverse flow.

Basket strainers are normally installed before the measuring devices like Positive displacement meter or turbine meter which increases accuracy of the measuring devices.

We offer basket type strainers from 11/2” to 16”size with flow range up to 800m3/hr for pressure range up to 200 bar & design as per ASME Section VIII div I latest edition. We also offer duplex and jacketed type strainers.

Air Eliminators

air-eliminatorSmartflow also offers Bulk Plant Air Eliminators for variety of installations and conditions and designed for separation, elimination of air from main product.

Positive displacement meter of turbine meter, is a volumetric measuring device, cannot differentiate between liquid, air and vapour. So when liquid enters with air or vapour into this measuring devices, it will contribute the measurable error. Large amount of free air or vapour entrapped in the piping system, not only compromising meter accuracy but also lead to over speeding of meter and creating excessive wear or unit failure to ensure accurate liquid.

Measurement is necessary to remove all air from the system before entering into the measuring devices. Hence bulk plant air eliminator is installed before the meter for accuracy of the measurement devices.