Level Transmitters

Level Gauges & Transmitters

Since its foundation Smartflow has focused on the supply of industrial level measurement products. Our focus has not changed, demonstrated by our wide level transmitter portfolio employing many different types of level measurement methods. Our Microwave, Magneto resistive and ultrasonic level transmitter selection is definitely the widest on the market offering integrated, compact, 2- or 4-wire transmitters for liquids or solids with remarkable number of optional  choices with precision upto ±0.1 mm of tank height


  1. Float and Tape Type Tank Level Gauges

Float and tape tank gauges are suitable for almost all liquid storage applications and tank types. This Liquid Level Indicator have been the primary liquid level measurement products used by the petroleum market for over 80 years due to their simplicity and cost.


  1. No Contact Type MICROWAVE Radar Level Gauges
  • 25 GHz (K-band) measuring signal
  • 2-wire compact transmitter
  • Accuracy up to ±1 mm
  • Measuring range up to 30 m
  • 25 bar and 180°C
  • 4-20 mA + HART communication
  • IP67 protection
  • Explosion-proof models


  1. Servo Tank Gauges

Servo Tank Gauge (STG) product line provides an intelligent system for high accuracy liquid level measurement. It also determines the interfaces between three liquids, specific gravity of these liquids and tank bottom. To enable accurate volume calculation, a temperature device is integrated using HART® protocol or a 3-wire spot temperature connection.

High Accuracy – The STG is able to measure level to an outstanding accuracy of +/- 0.7 mm.

Density measurement – The STG is also able to measure two interface levels, spot density and perform density profiling throughout the liquiD


  • 2-wire compact transmitter
  • TDR principle
  • ±5 mm or ±20 mm accuracy
  • Measuring range up to 24 m
  • 4-20 mA + HART communication
  • 40 bar and +200°C
  • Rod or cable probes
  • Plug-in graphic display module
  • Explosion-proof models


  • 2-wire compact and mini compact transmitter
  • 1 mm or 1 mm resolution
  • 15 m measurement range
  • For liquids with min. 0.4 kg/dm3 density
  • Distance, level and volume measurement and water level At Tank bottom
  • Rigid or flexible probes
  • OIML R-85 international certification
  • Explosion-proof models


  • For liquid level measurement
  • 2-wire integrated transmitter
  • Narrow 5° beam angle
  • 25 m measurement range
  • PP, PVDF, PTFE transducers
  • 32-point linearization
  • 4-20 mA + HART communication
  • Open channel flow metering
  • Explosion-proof models, IP68