Fuel Management Consoles

The fuel management console is destinated to car fleet managers wishing to supervise and to secularize fuel supply.



  • Real time communication between terminals and servers, via internet or intranet.
  • Quick and efficient thanks to search engine and reports generator that enable a flexible and real customization of the product.
  • Longevity of the equipment thanks to the use of resistant materials.
  • Scalability based on functional modules able to control the following devices: fueldispensing, oil dispensing, gate opening, carwash, electrical vehicles charging…
  • Real-time or stand-alone operating
  • Multi-site
  • Connection TCP/IP network – Modem – RS232/485 – Wireless
  • Simultaneous management of 1 to 16 pumpsfor each terminal
  • Identification of drivers and/or vehicles by codeor by different kinds of badges(proximity cards/keyfobs, magnetic cards, etc.)
  • Manages a maximum of 15000 driversand 15000 vehicles
  • Stores up to 2500 transactions
  • Remote control and supervision
  • Alarm trigger with e-mail, fax or sms notification
  • Oil co. data input is performed easily. (Total, Shell, Esso, As24)
  • Data output towards any application
  • Real time transactions printing or tickets edition(optional)
  • Automatic vehicles identity recognition (optional)
  • Automatic mileage input can be performed directly from vehicles (optional)
  • Digital tachograph driver card reader (optional)
  • Simple web interface, accessible from any computer on the network.
  • Management of fuel stocks, with levels’ chart
  • Management of different kinds of users (passengers, subcontractors, customers, etc.)
  • Management of maintenance actions with automatic recall
  • Management of anomalies with recording of maintenance history, stocks states, variations in fuel consumption’s, electrical shut down, etc.