Forecourt Controllers

ForecourtInterfaceUnitForecourt Interface Unit

Orpak’s Forecourt Interface Unit is a powerful device providing a single point of control for multiple forecourt devices – dispensers, ATG, price poles and payment terminals – from an impressive array of vendors. Its unrivalled flexibility reduces deployment, implementation and maintenance costs while providing better visibility into all equipment.

The Forecourt Interface Unit supports the typical forecourt data communication interfaces: LAN, RS-485, RS-232, proprietary dispenser interfaces and non-electronic device interfaces such as mechanical pumps. All interfaced devices are programmed via Orpak’s SiteOmat station automation software.

Like other Orpak forecourt devices, the unit is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and harsh environment of retail fuel stations. It eliminates ground loops, power surges and RFI/EMI to maximize the performance and reliability of the station.

Main Features

  • Fully integrated with over 60 types of electronic and mechanical dispensers
  • Interfaces with any TLG
  • Integrates with Orpak OrPTOrTROrPAY EMV and third-party payment terminals
  • Works with a wide variety of BNAs and price poles
  • Easy installation and setup, including remote access capabilities

OrTR-Tag-ReaderOrTR Tag Reader

The Orpak Tag Reader (OrTR) is a versatile pay-at-the-pump payment terminal for retail and homebase station fuel purchases, local accounts and loyalty schemes. Connecting to the station controller, it is a compact and cost-effective contactless card reader for magnetic swipe and MIFARE® fuel cards. The reader includes a large LCD, two LED status indicators and an internal buzzer that provides audible feedback.