Batch controllers

Batch controllers are used for liquid product distribution at truck, rail, marine, aviation and pipeline loading and unloading facility. It precisely delivers preset quantity of product blends from tank storage or pipeline into vehicle, rail wagons, aviation or vessels.


Salient Features

  • Incorporates modern technology in a cost-effective, self-contained enclosure providing accuracy and reliability
  • Suitable for petroleum, petrochemicals, LNG / LPG, asphalt and specialty chemical applications
  • Capable of loading Net LPG quantity deducting vapour quantity.
  • Controls loading of base or blended product (up to 4 components) with or without additives & dyes (up to 6 additives). Blending can be configured for sequential, in-line proportional or non-proportional mode along with additive injection using various (up to 10) recipes
  • User configurable transaction and batch archiving of selected parameters for storage and ticket printing (up to 2000 transactions).
  • Configurable data logging / printing options for batch and transaction summery, alarm, meter proving, program mode change, power failure, weights & measures switch status etc.
  • User configurable alarm text and alarm actions
  • Optional secondary keypad and LCD display available for additional two-side loading or remote control application
  • Temperature / Pressure compensation per API IP or linear methods
  • Operates as a standalone unit or integrated with any Terminal Automation System
  • User-friendly menu driven configuration facility
  • Low installation and wiring cost

Safety and Security

  • Supports storage up to 500 proximity cards / touch keys that will be validated during manual mode of operation
  • Possible to seal weights & measures switch to restrict the change of meter factors/ k-factor
  • Audit logs for change in weights & measures parameters, if weights & measures switch is not locked
  • Three levels of passwords: L1 – Super User (Can change all the parameters except W&M parameters if locked) L2 – Intermediate (Can only view all parameters ) L3 – Operator (Only acknowledge the alarms )