Repairing damaged or corroded product storage tanks has been a challenge over time in the oil & gas industry.  The eventual choices left to station owners or operators are to, either abandon these tanks or replace them completely. None of these choices are business friendly, either leading to loss of revenue and/or increased spend.

Tank Stratification was developed as the better choice offering cost and operational advantages over abandoning or replacing damaged tanks.

Tank Stratification, also known as Tank Coating can thereby be deployed to address the following:

  • Seal noticed leakages in tank
  • Remediate noticed corrosion in tanks
  • Reinforce tank internals
  • Proactively prevent leakages and corrosion in tanks
  • Transformation of the entire inner tank surface thereby achieving the highest standard of environmental safety.

Prior to coating tank internals with synthetic epoxy resins and fibre for Tank Stratification work, tank cleaning and surface preparation activities are carried out. These specialized activities are performed using high performance equipment from Graco and other manufacturers which include:

  • Ecoquip 2 Vapour Abrasive Blasting Machine
  • Hydraclean Pressure Cleaner
  • Husky Double Diaphragm Pumps

Smartflow also utilizes world-class Graco Equipment such as XL70 Spraying Machine and Sets of Husky Pumps in applying resin coats on the tank internals.

As a representative and partner to Wolftank Adisa GMBH, Smartflow’s Tank Stratification delivers the added advantage of adding a conductive layer which helps protect against static electricity build-up.

With Smartflow’s tank stratification service, Station Owners and/or Operators can be assured of:

  • Extended tank operational life
  • Full asset utilization.
  • Zero Site Shutdown (Sales can continue in Retail Stations)
  • No Excavations of tank required for Underground Tank
  • Complete Protection against metal corrosion
  • Total resistance to a wide range of chemicals
  • A 10-year warranty on the tank transformation and performance

Do you have damaged or abandoned storage tanks?

Smartflow has the right solutions to put your asset back into service.

Make the smart choice today, stratify your tanks with Smartflow. Contact us today!