NIVEYE is a process visualization software which uses Nivelco Cloud based solution. All the data from site is pushed to cloud via internet media and can be viewed anywhere in the world in any browser on any kind of device. NIVEYE can visualize a process control system built with NIVELCO   instruments   on a PC or Tablet or smartphones. The instruments   can either be intelligent transmitters with analogue output or digital communication,   or different switches based on different measuring principles.  The tank park layout with tanks, instrumentation and other process devices can easily be visualized online. NIVEYE offers a wide range of visualization elements of the measured and limit values, time based trends, databases and logs. Exporting and importing different database types is also a basic feature of the software.  A clear and transparent overview of all processes involved in an application makes stock and material management a simple task with a well-constructed NIVEYE project. Another great feature of the software is that a NIVEYE project can be visualized on a computer through or the Internet using an ordinary internet browser.



  • Tank configuration
  • Tank park visualization
  • displaying of measured values
  • displaying of limit values
  • Trend monitoring
  • Data logging
  • Database handling
  • Archiving
  • other log functions (alarms)
  • Remote connection (Internet)


The steps of customizing NIVEYE to a specific application:

The basic element of the software is the so called “UNIT” which contains the applied instrument (with graphical representation), the instrument’s variables, event handling, communication and data display. With the help of these units a complete process instrumentation system can be set up for visualization.