With a clear understanding of our terrain and sector, Smartflow places Safety and Quality Control at the forefront of its projects, operations, and service delivery at all times.

We understand fully the value of brand impressions, which is why we seek to deliver on-time at all times.  Despite our focus on prompt projects and operations delivery, the Health and Safety of our staff is never overlooked. We never sacrifice or compromise the Health and Safety of our staff and those who will come in contact with our work. We ensure that all our staff are able to conduct risk assessments and can stop/or pull out of any work condition that is unsafe.

Safety is our responsibility.

With this, we are able to maintain our standards in product/service delivery by making our people aware of their safety responsibilities in the execution of assigned tasks. These non-negotiable standards extend to our sub-contractors who are also held by the same ideals and standards that govern Smartflow Technologies.

All these promote the achievement of Quality objectives on our projects and operations.

For a more detailed understanding of our Safety Policy click here; and for our Quality Policy click here.